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  • 💙[Get their attention and now]: Cats don't need to scratch some places in the house. This self groomer cat brush will help to get their attention by rubbing their face, head, and body on it, It's a nice thing to see a cat closing their eyes and enjoying the self massager.
  • 💚[Help to remove loose fur and make your home hair-free]: We love cats, but the loose fur after scratching everywhere can be a headache. This cat self-groomer helps to get rid of and collect loose hair easily, so you don't feel annoyed to clean the shed hair everywhere anymore.
  • 💛[Suitable for all sized cats]: Big size of 8.3'‘ W x 11.4''H, this cat face massager is suitable for all sized cats, no worrying, if your big sized cats can't go through that arch self groomer, may bring, even two or three cats can groom together and that's NOT the small size one can bring.
  • 💜[Easy to install and change location]: We can use this cat self-groomer under the door, chair, desk, bed, closet, couch, or even under heavier objects like dumbbells, face massager
  • 💗[Durable and Sturdy]: We are using Eco-friendly PE material, It's strong enough and washable. It should be great if the cat-shaped texture could enrich her environment and last longer at the same massagercat corner scratcher for wall

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