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This Towel is increasing the pleasure of Bathing Pets much more!!!

Did you know that getting your pet used to comfortable towels after a bath, makes him feel calmer, enjoy taking a bath more, and always stay clean?

but doing this with these common towels doesn't do ANYTHING!!! in addition to her keeping wet, which only makes the situation worse, it is extremely uncomfortable for your pet

precisely for this reason, Toalha Dry Fast - Resolva is winning the hearts of pet lovers in Brazil, because:

     Made in Microfiber fabric, maintaining the ideal temperature and delivering the best comfort to your pet;
     It has an extremely fast drying;
     Absorbs all the water, leaving your pet completely dry in minutes;
     It prevents you from having your pet sick;
     It saves you possible future expenses on medicine and veterinarians.

In addition to absorbing all the water, it dries up to 10x faster than common towels, due to its NanoFiber Fabric tested and approved by ANVISA and other major brands in the Knits Market.

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