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Easy to Clean

The dog newspaper is machine washable so need to worry about how to keep dog's favorite toy clean. Hand wash or throw it in the laundry on cold, air dry and then you are all set.


Sensory Play

The perfect toy for baby to explore their senses. Dog newspaper has loud satisfying crinkle for auditory stimulation. Easy to grasp size for fine motor skills and black and white design for their developing eyes


Naturally Calming

The crinkle noise is similar to the white noise heard while in their mother womb. This sound can be used to help calm fussy babies. Parent and dog can experience an ASMR from the crinkle sound too


Perfect for Travel

With it's easy to pack size, parents recommend keeping the dog newspaper within arms reach whether it be at the changing table, in your diaper bag, on the stroller, or wherever so that baby can have one of their favorite toys within arms reach.

Size: 7 x 0.1 x 10 inches

0.04 Pounds

''Just too fun of a sound not to get it for my girl who loves bags. She loves crinkling them all, paper, plastic, cloth, and she loves this toy. She has been so gentle with it and takes her naps with it.''

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