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Product Description:

You always keep a water bowl outside for your pet but the water never stays clean. With this clever doggy water fountain set your dogs can stay refreshed with a nice fresh drink of water on tap. This fountain features a 41" hose and splitter so you can connect it directly to your tap. When your dog needs a drink, all he has to do is step on the paw pad to activate a stream of fresh, cool water ready to be lapped up. With the water supply always running your dog will always have a cool drink ready to go.

  • Freshwater whenever your dog wants it
  • Encourage drinking
  • No stagnant water
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel for durability and trouble-free operation
  • Easily attaches to your hose 
  • 2-way hose splitter included
  • Easy press pad for water release
  • Constant availability of freshwater

Dimensions: 2.75" x 9.25" x 10"
Hose length: 41" / 104cm
Package Content: 1 x Dog Fountain 1 x User Manual

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