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  • Pet hair remover is made of soft material. Clean carpeting, upholstery, and roof-liner without fear of scratching delicate plastic, wood, or chrome nearby.
  • Practical modeling design. The long edge, arc edge and two levels of the dog hair remover correspond to the cleaning of the plane, arc surface, and corner respectively
  • The cat hair remover removes even the most stubbornly trapped dog and cat hair.
  • Easy to clean with water and reusable, sturdy.
  • Perfect for cleaning cars, carpets, couches, comforters, clothes, and more.
  • dog hair remover
    use method


    First, for the long-term accumulation of thick pet hair, as well as the edge of the seam hair is recommended to first use the 01 sides, quickly remove 60% of the hair (the probability of using this scene is about 5%), and then use the 02 or 03 sides.

    Second, if there are not many hairs it is recommended to use the 02 or 03 sides directly. Due to the length of the pet hair and the different materials in contact with the surface, you need to try the effect with 02 and 03 respectively. Just choose the most suitable side according to the effect. Note: 02 is more suitable for relatively rough surfaces, 03 is more suitable for relatively flat surfaces (02 use probability is about 10%, 03 use probability is about 85%).


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