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   Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle:This dog water bottle has three functions, drinking water, feeding food, and pooper scooper. Meet the various needs of your pet's travel. Dogs can drink clean water and food during the trip. In addition, you can clean the pet's excrement with the attached shovel and put it in the attached convenience bag.


  Leak-Proof: One key lock open water is very convenient, and silica gel seal ring plus lock key design make sure the pet water bottle doesn't leak at all. But please be careful not to pour too much water into the trough, because the remaining water will not automatically flow into the bottle, in order to keep the water in the bottle clean.

  Portable And Foldable: The sling on the side of the bottle and suitable bottle size makes it easy to hang on the wrist or put in a bag, which is very suitable for outdoor and daily use. In addition, the foldable water cup saves space and is easy to carry, you can put it in a backpack, and will not wet the backpack. Please note,due to the design limitation of the fold, please be careful not to let the water flow back, otherwise, it will leak.

   Larger Capacity & Wider Trough: Compared with other dog water bottles, this water cup has a larger capacity (14.2 oz), and a wider sink (80 mm), more convenient for various dog breeds with a longer outdoor walking, hiking, and traveling.
Durable & Safe: The portable dog water bottle made of high-quality food-grade material, we promise that your pet friends can drink healthy and fresh water at any time without worry.

Dog water cup

With this water cup, you never have to worry about these problems and give your pet the cleanest water.

Dog water bottle


Material: ABS+PET

Color: Blue

Size: 85mm X 203mm


Weight: 0.252kg/0.55bl

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