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From now on, don't lose your hairball anymore with Trackit ! 🐶

We know how stressful it can be to lose sight of our pets, and the anguish it can create! Trackit will free your mind and constantly watch over your companion so that it does not happen again!



Very light, small in size, and specially designed for dog collars, it will adapt perfectly to the craziest activities of your 4-legged companion. With its localization system, it will allow you to put the leash aside and let it exercise freely.



  •    Real-time tracking: You will be able to view your dog's position live on the map of the area where you are


  •     Receive an alert as soon as your pet leaves the area you have defined on the app and call him back before losing him.




Apple and Android compatible: The tracker is compatible with all types of devices. (Installation instructions provided and available on our site). Very easy to use, our free app is designed for everyone's use and our device connects and works with all smartphones via Bluetooth. You will be able to use it in less than 2 minutes! Tracktivity currently watches over 10,000 dogs (individuals and professionals) and works daily on the improvement and development of its product.



Technical characteristics

Battery: CR2032 battery very long autonomy (from 30 to 50 days), easily found in the trade!

Adapts to all kinds of necklace with its adjustable buckle. 100% Waterproof and designed to withstand anything.

Material: high density ABS.

Dimensions: 25x25mm


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