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  • [Multifunctional Dog Tug Toy]This is a multifunctional pet dog toy that can be used as a tug of war toy, a squeaky toy, a food-dispensing toy, a teeth-grinding toy, and a bouncing toy. The molar ball comes with a dog bite cotton rope. This toy can bring multiple using experiences to dogs. The toy can also be used as a water float toy for dogs to play with.
  • [Designed with Super Powerful Suction Cup]The powerful sucker is stable and not easy to be pulled apart. So that it can not only increase the interaction between the dog and the toy but also can enhance the dog's interest in playing. Each set of products comes with a flat floor sticker. In the beginning, you can attach the sticker to any surface such as a wooden floor or rough ground, and then attach the suction cup to the sticker to allow the suction cup to be used in a variety of environments.
  • [Multifunctional Molar Ball] Designed with large sphere, thick sphere wall, which can more resist to dogs’ biting. There are different coned, triangle and serrated molar bumps arranged 360°horizontally and vertically on the molar ball’s surface. When the dog bites this toy, it can thoroughly clean the dog's incisors, cuspid and molars, fully protect the dog's dental health. And you can put snacks in the toy as a food dispenser to attract the dog to play with the toy.
  • [Squeaky Toy] The molar ball is designed with a sounding device. When the dog bites this toy, it can make a squeak to attract the dog’s attention and increase the dog’s interest in playing.
  • [Bite-resistant New Material] This toy is made of TPR material, thickly designed, produced by Bayer, Germany, so that it can resist the long-term bite of pet dogs. But for the health of pets, it is recommended that you use it for dogs no more than 20-30 minutes a day. The toy is suitable for pet dogs of 5-100 pounds and can be used indoors and outdoors. While playing, it can clean the dog’s teeth, relieve anxiety, and prevent the dog from tearing furniture or clothes when the owner is not at home.

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